This is a picture of me at Fallingwater taken by Christina Lee

Matthew T. Marcó

  • is one of those rare people who uses both sides of his brain equally well … exceptionally creative, detail-oriented and analytical.

    Kit Unger
    Director of User Experience
    Bloomberg Government

  • is a truly visionary designer who makes intelligent and intellectual decisions resulting in beautiful, functional design.

    Shing Yin Khor
    Manager, Privacy
    Fox Entertainment Group

  • is inquisitive, analytical, passionate and generous … passionate about the things he learns and loves.

    Carlos Martinez Dominguez
    Project Leader

  • is one of the smartest and most creative designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

    Hardian Muljadi
    Experience Designer

  • found the right balance between improving user experience, minimizing technical work and keeping managers happy.

    Ryan Teague Beckwith
    Features Editor
    Roll Call

Download my Résumé (PDF)

  • UX Designer, 9+ years related experience
  • M.A., Communication, Culture & Technology
  • B.A., Studio Art & Digital Arts

About Me

I’m an information architect with an art degree and a security clearance. I’ve been a web designer of some sort for the past 9 years: the past 3 as a user experience designer, the first 3 as the managing director of my own agency.

I was born in Manila, raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles and now reside in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

I am neither a guru nor a ninja. I will not get your page to the top of Google’s search results. I am not an “innovator” or an “idea guy.”

I care deeply about how people interact with technology, space, and each other. If you care about these things too, I think we’ll work well together.

Selected Works

The Form of the Web Browser and Its Social Effects

  • M.A. Thesis
  • Georgetown University
  • 2008–2011

For my M.A. in Communication, Culture & Technology, I examined how the form of the web browser – the conventions of its user interface and other de rigeur features – came to shape not just websites but the social acceptance and cultural understanding of the web itself.

Watch the presentation to my thesis committee from 15 April 2011 (also available on Vimeo).